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Rue Atelier is a community wellness and cultural workshop. We explore the healing power of the natural world. We turn towards the ancestral knowledge for guidance in the present and in the future. Gardens and forests are sacred spaces.  To the extent that we steward our natural spaces, is how we shall we exist in them. Through respectful participation and collaboration on and with this beautiful planet, solutions will unfold. The answers don’t need any more money thrown at them. They require creative, open minds and hearts that are willing to explore, engage, and share. We experience, contribute, and share in uplifting mind, body, and spirit. Community is all around us.

Our highest and most important endeavor at this time is the pursuit of knowledge in restorative healing practices and the sharing and application of them in a multidisciplinary fashion in our communities.

Our interests are varied, yet all point toward a central idea that we as humans are all interconnected and bound to our shared local and global ecology,  not bound by borders. We intentionally work to include insight and knowledge, as well as, address issues from global perspectives and locations.  We are multilingual and realize this is a tremendous asset that we are passionate about encouraging and supporting in others.  Rue exists to amplify the growing movement of people and organizations who are working to develop better ways to engage with others and our environment, as we continue down this path of our shared human experience.  In our workshop, we provide services and programs surrounding, organic gardening, music, movement, culinary, healing, design, and technology. Our mission is creating opportunities to connect, heal, learn, and act.  We would love to collaborate with you and your organization on  projects where values align – where community, growth, and social consciousness are celebrated. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to connect. 

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Our pride and joy, Éclairer Revitalizing Oil is non-comedogenic and is blended to support healthy skin by balancing oil levels, soothing inflamed skin, preventing acne, and reducing wrinkles.  Perfected over the past few years, it contains only organic and sustainably harvested oils. The oil can be used on the face, body, hair, and also has amazing aromatherapy qualities. Some of which have been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and induce a sense of calm and wellbeing.  The three carrier oils are, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, and organic jojoba. The proprietary blend consist of 10 essential oils which were chosen for their amazing ability to cleanse and heal skin, and steadily uplift the spirit. It can be used as a part of your daily skin care regimen. 

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