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I am from the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas, USVI. I was raised by two hard working health care professionals who encouraged me to strive and allowed me to explore the world through athletics, civics, spirituality and travel. After having lived in the Bay Area and internationally for many years, I moved to Austin, TX, where I taught Elementary Special Education, co-founded a cultural group, and opened a small cultural arts studio, RUE ATLELIER. Before I moved to Richmond, VA, I completed a Full Stack Web Development course.  Now, the studio is expanding its reach and capabilities by adding web development to the menu of offerings.

In addition to web development and education,  I have a robust skill set that includes music production and performance, and restaurant management. I am most passionate about my study of the Yoruba/Lukumi language and culture, which has been an endeavor that has spanned more than two decades. 

I am at home on my fixed gear bike, in the garden, hiking a trail to a backcountry campsite, or at a cafe in Paris or San Juan, PR. My journey has taken many turns, and I look forward to blazing new paths with fellow creatives as I support people who are working in Education, Arts, and Sustainability. 

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Web Development/Software Engineering

Software Engineering - HTML, CSS, React.js, Node, and Express.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and WordPress to build responsive, dynamic web applications, and websites.

Music Production

Using Ableton Live Suite and Midi to create music for video, film, podcasts, interactive performance pieces, art installations, and museums.

Cultural and Educational Presentations

Available to lead seminars or make presentations about African culture in the Caribbean, namely, Lukumi tradition, in educational and Africanists settings.


By employing knowledge gained over two decades of study, apprenticeship, and practice, I empower students towards Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical wellbeing.


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