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Alafia means happiness or joy in Yoruba. Music is a great source of joy in my life. These tracks were created during 2020. During this  year, we all were pushed, prodded, triggered, and challenged.  I am grateful for having the inspiration and space created by all the events that came to pass this year.  In spite of and possibly because of  all the strife,  I, as have many others,   seek the courage to project my voice and unapologetically leave it here for the world to listen to.

I constantly search the confluence of music with other artistic expressions.  I relish opportunities to co-create with other musicians and creatives.  I have a large network of talented musicians who are also available for music production projects for films, videos, podcasts, websites, theater, performance, and multi-media art installations. My track DuBois is proudly featured in the acclaimed podcast, Grief is a Sneaky Bitch, hosted by Lisa Keefauver, MSW.

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